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51941.gif (17262 bytes) Goldsmith Mellon DeLos Reyes, Inc. believes that investors with long-term horizon may experience a higher return on their capital by investing in the market.  However, recognizing that there is no such thing as a riskless investment, risk levels should be adjusted to match the risk tolerance of the investor.  Proper diversification is the key to a safer investment venture.  Goldsmith Mellon DeLosReyes, Inc. builds portfolios that minimize risk, using Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Frontier disciplines.  Risk-adjusted portfolios may be comprised of primarily no-load mutual funds, investing in companies and government securities, both domestic and foreign.

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Gilbert M. De Los Reyes, Chairman, Master of Business Administration degree, New York University, says,"There are two things that are important to me in my relationship with my clients.  First, I can only be as effective as the trust my clients give me, because I need them to give me the right information about their investments and financial condition. Second, I want to be sure that my clients will not be taking any more risk than they can and will want to handle.  I would like them to sleep nights and not worry about their investments."


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